Keynote '09

Good Overview Handout

Slide 1 ~ Title Slide
1. Choose a Theme:

2. Choose the Master (Title & Subtitle)


3. Add a Title

Slide 2 ~ Add Text
1. Add a new Slide

2. Change the Master to “Title and Bullets”
3. Paste text in from document in folder

Slide 3 ~ Bulleted List with Transitions, Clipart
1. Add new Slide
2. Change Master to “Title, Bullets and Photo”
3. Add title “Equipment”
4. List Equipment
5. From the Inspector window Choose Slide
6. Make selections so that each items appears separately
7. Add Clipart from folder

Slide 4 ~ Insert Video
1. Add new slide
2. Change Master to “Title top”
3. Add title to slide
4. Drag video from folder onto slide

Slide 5 ~ Add Clipart, Apply ‘Instant Alpha’ Tool, Mask Tool
1. Add new slide
2. Add several pieces of clipart from folder
3. Use ‘Instant Alpha’ tool to remove background from clipart
4. Draw a shape, and then drag a picture from the folder over the top of it. Practicing with the “Mask” tool.

Slide 6 ~ Add Smart Build, Music
1. Add new slide
2. Create ‘Smart Build’
  • Click on Smart Build tool on toolbar
  • Choose type of build – ‘Thumb Through’
  • Drag pictures from folder onto the Smart Build Square
  • Click on Build in the Inspector toolbox
  • Click on Actions and then on “More Options”
  • Click to highlight the build at the top
  • Choose “Automatically after transition” at the bottom
  • Drag music from folder onto slide

Play Presentation
1. Click on Play
2. Use the mouse, space bar or arrow key to move through the slides
3. Use the escape key to exit the play mode and come back to Keynote

Saving Presentation